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UV Films | Sunshield Window Films

UV Films

Unprotected glass allows an abundance of harmful ultraviolet light to transmit through it.

Many people believe sun damage happens only when they are in the garden or at the beach sunbathing and do not realise they are exposed to the sun while at work, home or simply relaxing in their conservatory.

According to dermatological experts, 15% of the UK population suffer from light sensitive diseases, with more than 90% of those being skin cancers and premature ageing caused by overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light radiation, UVA and UVB.

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause many coloured or painted materials to fade. Damage due to fading is caused by UV light, visible light, heat (including infra-red light), artificial lighting indoors, humidity, and poor dye anchorage – but the first three account for 90% of fading. Ultraviolet, visible light and heat all pass through ordinary glass and can cause damage to goods in the home, office, shop window, or museum.

SUNSHIELD Window Films provides an important protective shield against the harmful effects of UV radiation transmitted from the sun SUNSHIELD Window Films Fade protection window films are specially designed to filter out at least 99.9% of harmful UV and reject infra-red heat but still leave a pleasantly lit living or display environment. Whilst no film can completely eliminate the effects of fading due to the solar spectrum, over 80% of UV, infrared, and visible light can be rejected with vast range of fade protection films The range includes films which are ultra clear (once installed, the film is virtually undetectable), This film is also great for people with UV sensitive skin conditions.

SUNSHIELD Window Films have a full 10-year manufacturers warranty and an expected life span of 20 – 25 years.

Solar Film

SUNSHIELD Window Film specialist range of solar control window films reduce the excessive heat and glare from the sun before it can pass through the windows of your office, school, shop or factory. Read more...

Anti-Glare Film

The sun’s glare can make working conditions uncomfortable by increasing eye strain of computer screens and monitors. Unlike window blinds, which will hide your view, solar window films will still allow you to see out clearly through the windows during the day. Read more...

UV Film

SUNSHIELD UV film will block 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB UV light, is clear and when fitted is virtually undetectable allowing normal light to enter your building without affecting vision in or out. Read more...

Conservatory/Residential Film

Conservatory with film installed
The large glazed areas in a conservatory lead to a tremendous amount of heat build-up and glare making some conservatories very uncomfortable on sunny days. Read more....

Privacy Film

Whether for privacy, to obscure an unsightly view or just to update an interior, there is no better material than SUNSHIELD frosted privacy film range. We can create a bespoke interior for you simply, cost effectively with a quick, clean and non-disruptive installation your workspace can be transformed. Read more...

Safe Shield Emergency Repair Film

SafeShield from SUNSHIELD makes cracked glass safe - instantly!

SafeShield is particularly effective as a temporary repair of sealed units which may take weeks to manufacture and replace. Read more...

Safety Film

If the answer is “YES” there is a cost effective maintenance free simple solution.
By applying a Safety Window Film from SUNSHIELD your glazing problems are easily solved.

Security Film

Smash and Grab raids, vandalism and break-ins are still at record levels. ARMASHIELD Security films can assist with the security of your premises by providing specialist films which are tough, transparent and specifically designed to be applied to existing glazing, bonding with the glass to create a highly protective skin, which will hold glass together under extreme force. SUNSHIELD Window Films can upgrade your existing glazing to conform to Anti-Bandit BS 5544. Our products are fully recommended and endorsed by insurance organisations and crime prevention officers. Read more...

Bespoke Window Graphics & Manifestations

SUNSHIELD Window Films shave an in house design team, who will work with you helping you to create that unique
interior, from a simple Logo, Health & Safety Manifestation, Bespoke Office Partitioning, full Corporate Graphics or Unique Digital Printing. Read more...

Digital Graphic Printing

We have our own in house design team and all the latest machinery and up to date design software to ensure that we can reproduce your company logos and graphics to meet your requirements exactly. Read more...